How Do I Choose the Right Service?

This web site is a free community resource for tools and advice related to the sourcing of cloud services. It is also a companion to The Cloud Service Evaluation Handbook, by Scott Feuless. The book includes the world’s first comprehensive set of metrics designed specifically for cloud sourcing, as well as a framework and methodology that enable consistent, flexible and useful application of the metrics it provides.  Each metric description includes:

  • What the metric is
  • Why it’s important
  • How to measure it
  • What to look at
  • Who should help
  • How to score it
  • A simple example

The 2nd Edition adds new appendices that answer questions like:

  • How do I optimize my costs?
  • Is cloud security better?
  • How do AWS, Azure and GCP pricing compare?
  • How do AWS, Azure and GCP SLAs compare?
  • When should I use Function as a Service (“serverless”)?

This site is a place for discussion and feedback, both on the book in particular and on cloud sourcing issues in general, via the Reader Forums and Blog page.  Separate forums are provided for each cloud metric, and all are moderated by the book’s author.  As time goes on more and more useful tools and information will be provided here to assist with your evaluations.