Cloud Evaluation

Public?  Private?  Hybrid?  Which provider should I use, should I keep it in-house or should I use cloud at all?  If you have to make a choice between different options and need to be able to explain and defend that choice, I can help.

Cloud Benchmark

Public Cloud Benchmark - Sample Output
Public Cloud Benchmark – Sample Output

What’s more cost effective, my existing private cloud or AWS?  My traditional non-cloud infrastructure or Azure?  Google Cloud Platform or SoftLayer?  What about service levels?  What else do I need to consider?

Cloud Optimization

You’ve already made the move to cloud, but now you’re wondering if the monthly bill is too high. If you haven’t gone through an optimization exercise, chances are it is.

Cloud Strategy

Need help creating a solid cloud strategy?  Already have one but would like input from an expert?  Either at a high-level or application by application, I can develop a winning strategy for you or recommend key improvements to one you already have.

Contact me with your challenge, and I’ll let you know how I can help.